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Here I try to answer some of the frequently asked questions about my mod Better Thralls.

There are 2 ways to open the mod configuration:

The green Better Thralls configuration button on the left side of the character inventory or the command line command in case you have disabled the configuration button:

DataCmd BetterThralls

Regardless of the role (admin or player), the configuration opens in “player” mode.

For the server settings, you first have to make yourself admin (“Make Me Admin”-button in the server settings of the game), and then switch to admin mode in the Better Thralls configuration.

You will find the toggle button in the lower left corner when you are in admin mode.
configuration – mode toggle – admin mode

ModControlPanel is no longer supported due to its limited capabilities.

The button no longer exists. The additional followers are now also recruited via the white “follow” button.

This can have several reasons.

  • Feature is not activated
    If additional followers are set to 0, the feature is disabled.
  • “War Party” precondition enabled but not met
    When the prerequisite is enabled, the player must spend 20 points in authority and select “War Party”. Without this perk, no additional followers are available.
  • The thrall types do not like each other
    As of patch 3.0 (Age of Sorcery), there are different thrall groups and not every group wants to travel together with every other group. This is not a limitation of Better Thralls and there are currently no plans to remove this limitation!
  • Not all types of thralls can be used as additional followers
    Currently, only thralls/pets from the “Warrior” group are supported. This primarily includes all human thralls and most pets. Zombies, undead and possibly thralls from other mods are not usable, depending on which group they are assigned to.
  • Only 1 horse can follow me at a time
    This is also a change introduced with patch 3.0 (Age of Sorcery) of the game. Mounts now have their own group and their size is hard limited to 1 and the mod does not change this.
  • “refuses to follow”
    If you get this message, you should check your mod list for outdated mods. As of patch 3.0 (Age of Sorcery), every thrall type must belong to a thrall group. Mod specific thralls that have not been updated are therefore no longer usable as followers. This is a problem with the mod implementing the new thrall, not a problem with the base game or Better Thralls.
    Mods that unknowingly overwrite thrall data with an old state are also a problem.
    Mods that cause the described problem:
    LTs Farming (last update: 11-2020) – Solution: remove the mod. There will probably be no further updates for this mod.

Unfortunately, I can’t tell you that either.

Since patch 3.0 (Age of Sorcery), the game alone takes care of the XP for the followers. The additional followers are now also supplied with XP via the standard mechanics of the game. If something goes wrong, then the mod can’t fix it.

Better Thralls has never and will never make any changes to the thralls’ stats. Wherever you got this information, it is wrong.

There are thralls with a similar icon in other mods too. Better Thralls Lamplighters can be recognized by the small BT in the top left corner.

If BT is missing, then it is not a Better Thralls Lamplighter.


Bug reports must always go through the discord server. Only there, it is possible to deal with bug reports in detail.

Testerles Conan Exiles Mods

Definitely not suitable for bug reports: the comment area at the end of this page!

The way the Unreal Engine manages its files makes it impossible to implement a feature in more than one mod without significant additional effort. Unfortunately, I don’t have the time for this effort.

Most parts of the mod are configurable and can be activated/deactivated as admin and/or player. If you miss a setting, you are welcome to make a suggestion. The best place for this is my discord server: Testerles Conan Exiles Mods

See my answer in Is feature x also available as a standalone mod?

See my answer in Is feature x also available as a standalone mod?

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