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Here I try to answer some of the frequently asked questions about my mod Fashionist.

The Fashionist configuration can also be opened via the command line. The command for this is

DataCmd Fashionist Config

Bug reports must always go through the discord server. Only there, it is possible to deal with bug reports in detail.

Testerles Conan Exiles Mods

Definitely not suitable for bug reports: the comment area at the end of the page!

The way the Unreal Engine manages its files makes it impossible to implement a feature in more than one mod without significant additional effort. Unfortunately, I don’t have the time for this effort.

Most parts of the mod are configurable and can be activated/deactivated as admin and/or player (see Fashionist – Mod Configuration). If you miss a setting, you are welcome to make a suggestion. The best place for this is my discord server: Testerles Conan Exiles Mods

See my answer in Is feature x also available as a standalone mod?

See my answer in Is feature x also available as a standalone mod?

This is a long existing issue in the vanilla game and nothing a modder can fix. When ever your chars size is outside the default size, this issue can occur. With mods and their features, this problem is only more obvious, but it is not caused by them.

Concrete: if you did not use the hide helmet feature of Fashionist you will wear a helmet and the hair is invisible. No hair physic problem.

Possible solution: resize your char to the default size. With default size settings, the issue is less likely. You can use the Fashionist Mirror to re-size your char.

This issue should be fixed!

A long existing issue in the vanilla game and not fixable by modders. This can also happen with un-modded items like elevators or maprooms, even on official servers without mods. Yes, it looks like it is more likely on modded servers. Yes it often affects modded items but not only. No, we can’t fix it.

I have created a small testmod and send it to the devs for investigation. No feedback so far.

A little read from the official funcom forums:
– Zero Hit Points?[]
– Vertical elevators glitched health at 0/50000[]


  • Unlock Plus. It adds another pickup option to the radial menu if the issue is detected.
  • Emberlight: can also add another pickup option to the radial menu.
  • If your server allows building damage, you can hit the placeable with a weapon. Now you can repair it.

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